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Stephan is a minor antagonist in Heroes of Might and Magic V, a Knight loyal to the Holy Griffin Empire. He acted as defender of the Hall of Heroes prior to a dual invasion from the Demon Lords Agrael and Veyer.


The defender of the Hall of Heroes during Queen Isabel's War, Stephan's role was nevertheless a minor one. Following the death of King Nicolai Griffin, Stephan guarded the arid lands nearest the mausoleum with fervour, though failed to repel the advances of Agrael and Veyer, neither of whom would be swayed from their quest to claim the Heart of the Griffin within.

Upon reaching the Hall, Agrael informed Stephan of his intentions and warned him to move aside, but Stephan refused to betray his fallen king by allowing the Demon Lord to desecrate the Hall. The heroes engaged in combat, with Agrael claiming victory.



The CultistEdit

  • The Promise: Agrael will have to kill Stephan, as he does not allow him to pass to Hall of Heroes.


Stephan appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


  • Stephan possesses a custom in-game biography in place of Laszlo's, but it is clearly a placeholder, reading "Brave, brave, brave! Sir Robin!" The erroneous moniker may have been his original name, an unimportant oversight, or a reference to the famous Sir Robin ballad from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie.[1]


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