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The City of Steadwick was the capital of Erathia, Antagarich's most prominent kingdom. Presided over by the Gryphonheart dynasty, the city was home to Castle Gryphonheart, and made appearances in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia and Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.


The date of Steadwick's construction is unknown, but it was most likely created after Rion Gryphonheart's ascent to power. Notably, Taledon X, the Divine High Priest and High Holy Conduit of the Church of the Sun, was killed by a peasant's runaway wagon while crossing the street in Steadwick in 881 AS. It lies near the Teal River.

Throughout its entire history, Steadwick had never been conquered by any opposing force until the Restoration Wars began in 1165 AS, when General Morgan Kendal and the Royal Erathian Military Command were defeated by an allied force of Kreegans and Dungeon Overlords under the banner of Nighon. The city was retaken by Queen Catherine Ironfist and her Bracadan allies a short time later, who intermediately freed General Kendal.

It is presumed that Steadwick was destroyed in 1175 by the Reckoning, along with most settlements on the surface of Enroth.


Role in Heroes III[]

Steadwick appears as a Castle in two Heroes III maps: Steadwick's Fall and Steadwick's Liberation. In both maps, the primary objective is capturing the city.

In Steadwick's Fall, it begins with a preconstructed Castle, Capitol, Mage Guild Level One, Blacksmith, Marketplace and Resource Silo, along with an upgraded Guardhouse, Archers' Tower, and an unupgraded Griffin Tower. Three anti-magic garrisons prevent enemy entry to the city, which is defended by General Kendal. In Steadwick's Liberation, it possesses all buildings bar a Shipyard, Portal of Glory and Colossus, but is undefended.

Role in Might and Magic VII[]

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Steadwick is the only explorable settlement in the Erathia region, located in the northwestern portion of the map. It is situated close to Castle Gryphonheart and Fort Riverstride.


  • In Steadwick's Fall, Heroes III players often take advantage of an AI exploit to capture Steadwick, luring General Kendal and his away from the city with a weak hero. Left undefended, a second hero is able to capture Steadwick without combating Kendal's sizeable forces, thus winning the map.
  • In an early draft of the Heroes III campaign storyline, Steadwick was named Gryphonspire.
  • Interestingly, Steadwick is situated north of the Teal River and its lakes in Heroes III, while in Might and Magic VII it appears to be situated further south, between the two lakes, much closer to Erathia's starting Castle in Steadwick's Liberation.