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The Spirits of Rage is a gameplay concept from King's Bounty: The Legend. The spirits are four powerful creatures bound to the Rage Casket, and are compelled to obey the casket's owner. The player is given the casket during the course of the main quests, but the player will be unable to control the spirits before completing a special quest for each of them.

The spirits level up when they kill enemies, and become more powerful or cheaper to summon when they level up. They can also unlock new abilities or make their existing abilities stronger. Each spirit has four abilities to unlock. The four spirits gain experience independently.

Spirits are summoned through the use of rage, a resource that the player earns by killing enemies or losing troops. High levels of rage also increase the probability of a critical attack from the hero's troops. Rage depletes over time when out of combat.

The four spirits are:

  • Zerock, stone spirit: In his world, Zerock was a weapon created from splinters of the Black Star to eliminate mages. Because he is invulnerable to all magic, he is the best mage killer. Zerock will obey you if you kill a small troop of mages for him.OffBck
  • Sleem, swamp spirit: The race of Giant Pangolin Scraggs, to which Sleem belongs, inhabited Endoria long ago, but were eliminated by Titans. Sleem, the Crown prince of the Great Swamps will call you his friend if you feed him poisonous creatures.OffBck
  • Lina, ice spirit: Lina, the battle sorceress from the techno-magic world who lost her body during cruel combat, is full of desire to bring back her normal appearance. She's ready to work for you, if you help her recharge her magic devices, the energy of which almost completely ran out during centuries of incarceration.OffBck
  • Reaper, death spirit: Reaper, the terrifying and mighty Guard of the Temple of Time, is looking for the lost Symbol of Guard. Help him and the Death Spirit will serve you. The power over time and space, as well as life and death, given to all the guards of the Temple, makes Reaper quite a useful helper.OffBck
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