Spell memorisation is a gameplay element unique to Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. It is dependant on the Knowledge primary skill.

Throughout the series, heroes with spellbooks are capable of casting spells learned at Mage Guilds, but cannot cast the same spell infinitely. In Heroes I, the number of castings per spell is curtailed by the hero's Knowledge value. After learning a spell, a hero can only cast the spell a number of times equal to their Knowledge at the point of learning. Upon using all of their "memorisations" in battle, the hero forgets the spell and must visit a Mage Guild with that spell in order to remember and cast it again. Memorisations are carried over between the combat phase and the adventure map, and all spells in Heroes I are subject to the rule.[1]

The memorisation feature was dropped from Heroes II: The Succession Wars onwards, instead replaced by a spell point system defined by Knowledge.[1]


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