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...And Don't Forget the Joker to Air wisdom
Airborne icky to Antoine
Anton to Asalah, Invoker of Castigation
Ash to Beagan
Bear to Blood calls blood (Air)
Blood calls blood (Might) to Burning Ash Forest
Burning Horn to Celia Stone
Cemetry to Clavius
Claw rod (LoMM) to Crusader (MM7)
Crusader (MM8) to Dark hydra
Dark knight to Destroy undead (MM8)
Destructive Magic to Dragonblood crystal
Dragonblood laboratory to Efreet
Efreet (H3) to Erutan
Erutan Revol to Fifth Eclipse
Fighter to Fograr
Follower of Baa to Gauldoth
Gauldoth Half-Dead to Golden Fist
Golden Goose to Guild of Body
Guild of Bounty Hunters to Healing
Healing potion (CoMM PS1) to Hobstadt
Hoff to Immolation (H6)
Immolation (MM7) to Jasp Thelbourne
Jasp the Nightcrawler to Ki Lo Nee
Kibwe to Legionnaire
Legs of Legion to Lock, Stock, and Barrel
Locust plague to Magic guild level 1 (H7 Fortress)
Magic guild level 1 (H7 Haven) to Master of Ice
Master of Life to Milton
Milton's father to Naga vault
Naga warrior to Oberic Crane
Oberic Nosewort to Partisan archer
Partisan field marshal to Poltergeist (H5)
Poltergeist (MM1) to Rabid jackal
Rabid leper to Resource silo (H7 Haven)
Resource silo (H7 Necropolis) to Runic temple
Runic temple (H7) to Sentinel (HO)
Sentinel droid to Siccative
Siege Tips to Sorceress (MM2)
Sorceress (MM4) to Steam puzzle: Seria
Steam puzzle: Seria deck to Surefooted Boots
Surface to Thallan
Thane to The Trader Of Black Bay
The Trained Sword to Tournament of Honor
Tove to Tyris
Tyris (Ashan) to Veronica
Veronique Desmadryl to Warrior (MM1)
Warrior Mage (MM6) to Wizards
Wizz Bane to Zyrain
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