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The Sparkling Bridge and the Ring of the Wayfarer

The Sparkling Bridge on the Fiery Moon

The Sparkling Bridge is a magical portal appearing in The Sparkling Bridge and The Fiery Moon scenarios of The Fiery Moon, the sixth part of Heroes Chronicles. It could bring people to any location in the universe.

When Tarnum was trying to find Vorr, the mad god who had imprisoned the other Ancestors, he came across a wounded familiar named Skizzik. He learned that the familiar had been one of Vorr's servants on The Fiery Moon, a remote world ruled by kreegan demons. To follow Vorr, Tarnum decided to capture the Sparkling Bridge, the magic portal that Skizzik had used to travel to his world. A group of elementals had guarded the Sparkling Bridge since the dawn of time, and while Skizzik had been small enough to slip through their defenses when he was on his own, Tarnum needed to fight them before he could use it.

Once he had defeated them, he searched for the Ring of the Wayfarer, a magical artifact that would allow him to control the Bridge - without it, he could end up anywhere in the universe. The ring was guarded by a massive elemental army, but he managed to defeat them as well.

With the ring on his hand, Tarnum stepped into the Sparkling Bridge and took his army to the Fiery Moon, ready to free the Ancestors and take the battle to Vorr.

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