The Soulscar clan were one of the three major clans of the Dark Elves, the other two being the Nightshard clan and the Shadowbrand clan. Fascinated by pain, suffering and madness, they were one of the cruelest clans in Ygg-Chall.

During the War under the Mountains, some demon cultists came to the Dark Elves, promising their support if they would turn from Malassa and worship Urgash instead. Most of the children of Tuidhana rejected the offer, but Raelag, Tuidhana's eldest son and leader of the Soulscar clan, signed a pact with them, and his clan turned to secret demon worship.

Over time, Raelag became Agrael, one of Kha-Beleth's closest servants, serving under him with a demonic army. When his love for Isabel caused him to betray the Demon Sovereign during Queen Isabel's War, the Soulscar clan turned against him, and Agrael shed much blood fighting against the clan he used to lead.

In the end the Soulscar clan, under rule of Thralsai, was destroyed by Ylaya.