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The sorceress is a class in Legends of Might and Magic. She is a member of the good team, and is an excellent ranged fighter, but less skilled in melee. She is the counterpart of the evil archer. At 5 feet, 2 inches tall, she is the shortest class in the game, making it harder to hit her in combat.

Sorceresses start with the dagger and wand. Their superweapon is the sunray wand, which can cause incredible damage, and also allows them to zoom in on the target. Sorceresses cannot wear chain or plate armor.

The sorceress is one of the weakest classes in the early rounds, as her ranged weapon fires too slowly compared to the others, and her melee weapon is ineffective. But once she can afford the sunray wand, she'll be very effective at sniping enemies. With a decent hiding spot, the sorceress can do a lot of damage to an enemy team.

Of elven descent, the Sorceress is capable of unmatched feats of magic. She is the master of long-range combat, employing her skills in the fight against the forces of Evil.OffBck