"Sorceress creatures are generally very fast, but have low hit points. Weak in the early game, and moderate at best in the endgame, the Sorceress creatures are the best in the midgame. The combination of speed, flying, and range attack becomes incredibly potent. Medium maps are perfect for Sorceress creatures."
—Heroes II Manual

The Sorceress is both a faction and a class of Hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II.

Faction Edit

The Sorceress faction is based on the Forest faction from Heroes of Might and Magic I, using the same creatures. The Sorceress army has a great ranged presence.

The Rainbow that can be built in Sorceress towns grants defenders +2 luck.


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Creatures Edit

All text is taken from the Heroes II manual.

  • Sprite: Flies. Creatures attacked by Sprites cannot retaliate. Sprites are powerful in large numbers.
  • Dwarf: 25% Magic resistance. Dwarves make excellent garrison units because of their toughness and magic resistance.
    • Battle dwarf: 25% Magic resistance. The upgrade of the Dwarf is faster and tougher.
  • Elf: Fires 2 shots per turn. Elves are incredible offensive units, able to deal large amounts of damage at range.
    • Grand elf: Fires 2 shots per turn. The Elf upgrade becomes faster and more skilled. Grand Elves are able to whittle down enemy forces quickly.
  • Druid: Druids are one of the best range strike units available. Though weak, few units can close to melee range on the Druid without dying.
    • Greater druid: The Druid upgrade is faster and tougher. Greater Druids and Grand Elves complement each other well.
  • Unicorn: 20% chance to Blind enemy creature. Unicorns are solid ground creatures. They are tough, fast, and deal good damage.
  • Phoenix: Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to elemental spells. Extremely fast and powerful, Phoenixes can be formidable opponents.



The Sorceress is the namesake class of the Sorceress faction. Sorceresses are Magic heroes, and start with 2 Spellpower and 3 Knowledge, and the skills Basic Wisdom and Advanced Navigation.

Skills Edit

  • Primary skill When levelling up below level ten, the Sorceress has a 10% chance to increase Attack, a 10% chance to increase Defense, a 30% chance to increase Spellpower, and a 50% chance to increase Knowledge. At level ten and beyond, it's 20% each for Attack and Defense and 30% for Spellpower and Knowledge.
  • Secondary skills: The Sorceress is most likely to learn Navigation and Wisdom, followed by Archery, Ballistics, Luck, and Mysticism, followed by Diplomacy, Eagle Eye, Estates, Logistics, and Pathfinding, and least likely to learn Leadership and Scouting. The Sorceress cannot learn Necromancy.

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