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Chaos Magic
Type Standard class

The Sorcerer is a standard hero class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: it is the magic-based Asylum class, and the counterpart to the Thief.

Official description Edit

Chaos Magic determines the Sorcerer class. The Sorcerer has no class ability.OffBck


Sorcerers are the only standard hero class to begin the game with Basic Chaos magic and Conjuration. As such, they are inclined towards joining advanced classes which include Chaos magic as a prerequisite, including Fire diviner, Fireguard, Heretic, Lich, Pyromancer, Warlock, Witch king or Wizard.


The Sorcerer is very likely to learn Chaos Magic, and fairly likely to learn Death Magic and Nature Magic. Sorcerers can not learn Life Magic or Order Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.


Several Sorcerers are comprised from the ranks of the former Warlocks of Nighon (both Humans and Minotaurs), efreeti who fought alongside the Kreegans during the Restoration Wars, and orcs originally native to Krewlod.

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