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Snergle is a character in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. He became the King of the Dwarves after deposing Rocklin.


Snergle took control of the dwarven clans from Rocklin, and drove the former king into exile. He also deposed Avinril Smythers, the dwarven weaponmaster, and imprisoned Rocklin's old steward.

However, Snergle was not popular among his subjects, and most of the dwarves wanted Rocklin back. Snergle spent his time holed up in Rocklin's former caverns, surrounded by his most loyal subjects while his workers dug for precious metals to produce weapons and armor. He hoped to arm as many followers as possible, and crush any thoughts of rebellion by military force. He also wanted to have Rocklin executed, but his soldiers were unable to find the deposed king, who was reportedly drowning his sorrows in some tavern.

Snergle was finally slain by a group of adventurers. He tried to lock himself in his private room and let his followers deal with the fighting, but the adventurers had received the key from Rocklin's former steward. They entered the room, and Snergle died in battle.


Icon-MM6.png Snergle Icon-MM6.png
Hit Points: 150
Armor Class: 20
Special attack: Break armorx2
Damage: 4D2+10
Primary attack: Physical
Secondary attack percent: 20
Secondary attack: Magic
Secondary damage: 8D2+20
Level: 27
Experience: 0
Treasure: Snergle's Axe
Magic: 0
Fire: 40
Physical: 50
Electric: 40
Cold: 40
Poison: Immune

Snergle can be found in Snergle's Caverns in the Castle Ironfist region, but the party will need the Key to Snergle's Chambers from Snergle's Iron Mines to reach him. Snergle is a weaker version of the dwarf lord. He has fewer hit points, does less damage, and has less magical resistance, but more physical resistance. Spells are a good way to take him out.

To complete the Kill Snergle and return with his axe quest, the party must take Snergle's Axe from his corpse and bring it to Avinril Smythers. In return, he is willing to teach the party master axe.


Snergle appears only in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.

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