The skeleton warrior is the upgrade to the skeleton, the first-tier creature of the Necropolis faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited from the upgraded cursed temple.

While skeletons and skeleton warriors are average foot soldiers individually, it is possible to build massively populated troops of them. They are numerously produced, are the main creature produced by the Necromancy secondary skill, and other creature types can be converted into them at Necropolis skeleton transformers.OffBck

With increased attack, defense and speed, for just 10 gold more, this upgrade is worth the cost. The disadvantage is that, if the Hero knows Necromancy, new skeletons will show up after every fight, which means that skeletons will take up two places. If there are no vacant slots in the hero's army, and hero has skeleton warriors, the Necromancy skill will spawn skeleton warriors, but at approximately two thirds of the number of skeletons who would normally be raised. Choosing not to upgrade them will give the hero an army that's more numerous, but with worse stats.



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