Armed with axe and shield, the Skeleton raises his bony arms to bring death to the living. High initiative allows Skeletons to strike first, but their rather fragile bodies cannot withstand much damage.OffBck

In Heroes of Might and Magic V, the skeleton is the basic tier-1 creature of the Necropolis town.

The skeleton is a type of undead made from the bones of soldiers, reanimated to fight by Necromancers. Their axe and shield in hand, they bring death to all. Their speed and initiative on the battlefield often helps them to strike the first blow. Though their bones are brittle and fragile, their ranks are bolstered for every living creature they kill.


Its stats are generally poor; with low Hit Points, Attack and Defense stats, but its fairly-high running speed makes up for that. They are also quite cheap and readily available via Necromancy, making sustaining them in an army quite manageable once they have built in numbers, which are the true strength of the Skeleton.


The Skeleton is a fast creature that is useful when you want a quick battle that is finished fast. Although very weak in when few, in big stacks they can be an unstoppable force. The main problem with them is their low health. Making sure they land the killing blow is crucial, as the retaliation strike of the target is almost certain to kill at least a few of them. They have very good skills when upgraded, being able to either shoot arrows from afar or protect their allies with their shields.

Skeletons are relatively cheap for a first tier creature. Skeletons can also be acquired by killing stacks of living creatures if you have the Necromancy ability. The skeleton is a useful creature early in the game, their high initiative allowing them to almost always strike first. However, they are quite fragile and can be killed off very easily. One strategy to playing them is to save the skeletons until the skeleton archer or the skeleton warrior upgrade becomes available as to not waste their numbers early on.


  • UndeadThis creature is not alive (like all other Necropolis creatures) and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Poison- , Blind- or Mind-related magic.OffBck


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