The skeletal spearman is a creature in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. It is a Core creature of the Necropolis faction, and is the upgraded version of the skeleton.

Some Skeletons are specially selected by the Necromancers to wield enchanted armor and weapons, making them more than simple Dragon fodder.These superior servants carry spears equipped with a bulb of Namtaru silk residue that can spew a web upon impact.OffBck


Undead H6 Undead
This creature is not alive. Its Morale is always neutral and it has +% resistance to damage (Water). It is also immune to Poison, Disease, Blind and Mind Influence effects.OffBck
Emotionless Emotionless
Having no emotions, undead are immune to Morale effects.OffBck
Vulnerability to Light Vulnerability to Light
Light spells which damage the living are empowered against undead and demons by %. Light spells which heal the living damage undead and demons.OffBck
HollowBones Hollow Bones
“Fools! Don’t aim for their hearts! They don’t have any!” Captain Gregor’s legendary last order to his crossbowmen was immortalized by the only marksman to escape the encounter with unliving denizens of a tomb. The survivor recounted the incident to mad Emperor Laegaire himself, who was reportedly so upset not to have recovered the legendary bottomless flask of wine, that he appointed a goat to lead his armies that very same day. His reasoning was that a goat is better equipped to break bones than a band of bolt shooters.
Skeletons only recive 50% of damage from ranged might attacks.OffBck
Webbing Spears Webbing Spears
The necromantic power used to animate the Skeletal Spearman is tremendous and has an extraordinary side effect. In the immediate area around the Spearman target, all bones of any creature great and small that has fallen over the centuries, rise and form a sort of splintery and crackling garden that slows movement and commands respect.
Reduces Movement of target and all adjacent enemy stacks by 1 for 2 turns.OffBck


Skeletons have the lowest initiative, movement speed, damage and health of all undead creatures, but they do have a decent defense. Their attack hampers enemies' movement, so attack units that try to get up close fast to block your shooters, such as griffins and hell hounds. After that, support your ghouls and vampires in close combat. Do not place them near the other ranged units because the enemy will more likely go after them instead of the skeletons. If the enemy gets too close, skeletons can use full attack. They do not need to worry too much about opposite shooters, with the Hollow Bones ability protecting them, as long as you don't play against Inferno or other Necropolis factions.


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