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The Six Shards is a nation in Axeoth that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It is located in Lower Tamarck, on the shore of the Brass Sea.

Long before the time of the novel, the gods fought against the great dragons in a great war that raged across dozens of worlds. When the war was over, many of those worlds had been destroyed. The remnants of six surviving worlds were combined into a single nation, known as the Six Shards, and the dragons erected magical barriers to allow these lands to be unified. This also led to each of the six parts having their own unique climate.

As they knew the danger of conflict, everyone who lived in the Six Shards knew that they had to get along or perish. Old prophecies told them that "All shall stand together, no one above the other, lest Darkness or Light rip the worlds apart again and leave only destruction in their wake."

The capital of the Six Shards was Soronne, the strong center of the nation. The town spanned across all Six Shards. It was home to the Magistracy of Soronne, a famous school.

Over time, the Six Shards became the richest nation in Tamarck, and the other nations watched them grow fat and selfish. The nations of Makkall, Threnoc, and Albeys formed a loose confederacy whose ultimate goal was to one day take their lands. Praz-El believed that the only thing that stopped the other nations from taking Soronne and its lands was the power of the Magistracy.

Captain Jarrell was the commander of the fleet of the Six Shards, which was maintained on the Brass Sea.


Turrel was one of the Six Shards. It was where the Burning Ash Forest was located. It was also home to the forbidden tower of Dragonskull, one of the six towers of the Magistrate.


Gathis was one of the Six Shards. It was the location of the Silken Pleasures District, where the alehouse known as the Sage's Rebuttal was located. It was also home to Hraldrake's Crossing, one of the towers of the Magistrate. The tower had taught its students how to travel to other worlds.

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