Siham is a character featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Siham was a Wizard obsessed with spirits, which she captured and collected like trophies. She spent years of her life hunting Namtaru Fate Spinners in the southern deserts of Sahaar. This led her to a violent encounter with the Necromancer Aguirre. Aguirre stormed his way into Siham's mansion to free the captive Namtarus, and blasted her into unconsciousness with a powerful mind spell. When Siham awoke she could no longer see clearly, her vision partially blurred by a permanent imprint of the spirit world. Siham realized that the veil was actually a blessing, for she could now see Ghosts and spiritual creatures as clearly as though they were fully materialized. It also became clear to her that it was wrong to bind and torment the Fates, for they were beautiful treasures of Ashan with four legs in the real and four legs beyond. She thus rallied to the cause of Aguirre and the Cult of the Spider Goddess, and is now personally tending to the Mother Namtaru as an interpreter of her cryptic visions.OffBck


Heroes VIEdit

Siham is a Might member of the Necropolis faction. As such, her default class is Ebon Knight. While her Dynasty character is listed as a Death Knight, the player is free to develop her however they choose in a game. Her specialization, Lord of the Vacant, increases the number of Liches able to be recruited by 2 per week.

Duel of ChampionsEdit

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Siham appears as a hero card. She is the leader of the Necropolis faction.


Scatha appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


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