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"A vast mountain range called the Wallpeaks separated the Barbarian Steppes from the Empire of Bracaduun, so the Wizards built a Castle in every pass to keep their lands safe from invasion. They boasted that no army could cross the Wallpeaks. Tarnum set out to prove them wrong."

Siege of the Wallpeaks is the fifth scenario in the Warlords of the Wasteland.

Tarnum must somehow battle his way through this heavily fortified region, defeating all the Castles before he can continue onward. Don't lose Tarnum. All Heroes are limited to level 21, and the two strongest Heroes will follow Tarnum to the next map.OffBck

On his way to attack the Empire of Bracaduun, Tarnum needs to pass through the Wallpeaks, a mountain range filled with castles. It's considered impossible to get through the pass, and one of Tarnum's shamans tells him that he will die, unless the gathers the four parts of the Titan's Thunder.

His army is regularly ambushed by a group of wizards, but Tordac, son of Tarnum's friend Hardac, suggests setting a trap for them. The trap succeeds, but Tordac is killed in the fight.

After a long struggle, Tarnum manages to conquer the last of the castles, and finds his way through the Wallpeaks.


Tarnum starts out with one stronghold and one Fortress. Southeast of the stronghold, there's a neutral stronghold to be captured, and there's a fortress northeast of the fortress.

By going east and fighting his way through the garrisons, Tarnum can siege four of the enemy castles. The last one is protected behind a purple border gate. To open it, Tarnum or his heroes must first visit the green keymaster's tent, which can be found northeast of the neutral stronghold. The white tent is in the northeastern corner, south of the enemy castle. After visiting both, Tarnum can go through the one-way portal in the northeastern corner, and open the path to the black keymaster's tent in the southeastern corner. The black tent allows him to fight the champions east of the tent, and visit the purple tent they guard.

The last castle is at on eastern edge of the map.



Finding the four parts of the Titan's Thunder will be a great help to Tarnum. The seer in the nearby quest hut will trade him the Thunder Helmet for a Hellstorm Helmet, which can be found northwest of the initial fortress. The Titan's Cuirass is guarded by diamond golems near the neutral fortress, and the Sentinel's Shield is guarded by titans and giants west of the initial stronghold. The Titan's Gladius is guarded by gold golems northeast of the neutral stronghold, north of the green tent.

The Raider's Plateau, a hidden valley with resources and treasure, can be reached through the two-way portal in the northwestern corner. There's a scroll of Town Portal here as well, and the two-way portal protected by a green border gate will allow the barbarians to bypass some of the enemy's garrisons and strike the castles directly.

A quest hut south of the initial fortress will give 10 000 gold for the Hourglass of the Evil Hour.

Tarnum and his two strongest heroes will carry over to the next scenario, so they should all be as close to the level limit as possible.

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