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The sharpshooter is a neutral creature in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. It can be recruited at the treetop tower.

Specially trained by the guerrilla warrior Gelu, Sharpshooters are a select troop. Recruited from the ranks of Archers, Marksmen, Wood Elves, and Grand Elves, Sharpshooters use a huge recursive, compound longbow. More than five feet in length, three bowstrings running through the pulleys on both ends, aid in the power and precision of their attacks. With their training, distance and siege walls are not a hindrance.OffBck

The sharpshooter is one of the greatest archers in the game, with good damage, high speed, and an ability that allows it to always do full damage - No Range or Barrier penalties. It provides excellent support. Like most archers, it is vulnerable to fast units that manage to get into melee.


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