There might be some who would be inclined to describe these female sorcerers as beautiful, but only until they take up their ritual daggers and begin to work their magic. Shamans enjoy privileged status amongst the orcs, respected and feared by even the most fearsome of warriors, and the counsel of these wise beauties is sought by chieftains from far and wide.OffBck

The shaman is the fourth-level creature of the Stronghold town in Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East. Its upgraded versions are sky daughter and earth daughter.

Abilities Edit

  • Caster - This creature can use a set of magical spells similar to those cast by heroes. Mana reserve is limited but always set to maximum at the beginning of combat. Spellpower depends on the number of creatures (activated ability). (Slow, Haste)
  • Raging Blood - This creature has a mix of demon and human blood that makes it subject to "Blood Rage" temporarily improving it's battle characteristics for aggressive behavior in combat.

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