Shalassa is the Elemental Dragon of Water in Ashan.

The blue Dragon of Water is humble, quiet and secretive. She is the serene mystic, wisest of the dragons, and her knowledge is only second to her sister Malassa, the Dragon of Shadow, for her watery realm is ripe with forgotten lore and treasure.

In all things, she values diplomacy, versatility and adaptability. Yet, if she decides to act, she is swift and indomitable. You cannot hope to win when you are fighting the waves!

Shalassa is the only elemental dragon that actively communicates with their mother Asha, the Dragon of Order, and Asha will come to only Shalassa's aid if necessary, yet no one knows why Asha only communicates with Shalassa and not the rest of her children.

Shalassa is worshiped by the sailors, fishermen and pirates, but also by the prophets, hermits and wise men. She populated her dominion with the reptilian Naga, who move freely both in water and on the land. She is also the patron-deity of Sea Elves. In addition, some Human tribes, who pledged loyalty to the Lotus Empire and the Eternal Empress, also worship Shalassa as their patron.

Shalassa is the most graceful of the Elemental Dragons. Her features are all about serenity and wisdom. Her scales are a harmonious mix of jade-green and turquoise-blue. She is wingless and she has fins instead of legs. In fact, she looks like a sea-serpent. Her breath can be a tidal wave, a geyser of scalding steam, or a bone-chilling blizzard.