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For other uses, see serpentfly.

The serpentfly is an Air creature in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians. It has a Fire, Water, and Earth variant.

Snakeflies are a family of magical beasts, half-reptile and half-insect. They are cunning predators, hiding in the trees and using their wings to spring out at unsuspecting prey.OffBck


SerpentFangEG.png Serpent Fang
Attacks an enemy.
AmbushEG.png Ambush
Teams up with 1 ally to attack an enemy. 60% chance of confusing them for 2 turns. Reusable in 4 turn(s).
MaliciousSurgeEG.png Malicious Surge
Attacks an enemy, and drains their HP for 2 turns. Drain is 60% of own attack. Then, turns all other enemies to stone for 1 turn. Reusable in 6 turn(s).