Serguei Griffin is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VII. He was killed by Tomas Wolf in battle in the year of 470 YSD.


Like a blade is tempered, Duke Serguei's temperament was forged by the freezing winds of the Griffin steppes. This harsh man did not take kindly to weakness, hated compromise, and despised skullduggery. While some at the imperial court found Serguei obnoxious, his qualities as a commander of men endeared him to Empress Kyla, who appointed him Admiral of her great armada just before the Orc Crusades. Serguei is also famous for his lifelong rivalry with Heinrich of Wolf, perpetuating the old feud between the two Duchies.

Much maligned in history books for the role he played during the Crusade, as well as in Hammer Fall when the city fought to reclaim its independence from the Empire, Serguei of Griffin is nonetheless one of the most brilliant military commanders of the history of the Holy Empire.

Serguei is the father of Sveltana and Pavel. As Serguei was hoping for a son, he tended to favor Pavel and trained him in the same image as himself.

Heroes VIIEdit

Serguei was made Admiral of the Imperial Fleet, which was made to pursue any escaped orcs or beastmen. He arrived at Hammer Fall after its governor Konrad Wolf let inside about 2,000 orc escapees, and demanded their surrender. He faced resistance under the command of Konrad and Tomas Wolf. Leading Empress Kyla's armada, Serguei defeated Konrad but his campaign went awry when Tomas gained reinforcements from the Orcs, the secretive Bloodsmiths, and even from the rogue angel Murazel. Now facing a reinforced city, Serguei offered Tomas amnesty should he turn over the city and its bloodsmiths. Tomas refused, having come to call the city home and attacked. Despite his military experience and armada, Serguei was defeated twice by Tomas and the city reclaimed its independence from the Holy Empire.


Serguei is a Vindicator.


Hero Trait
Gladiator Gladiator
The hero has +4 Might.OffBck


Serguei appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

References Edit

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