Seeking Refuge is a quest in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Godric has to get past the guards to go to a place he won't be hunted. He must avoid the guards, as they must not see him approaching. If he does, the task will be repeated until he passes the it. He faces another guard and has to defeat him. When he does, an archer comes and joins him, as he spoke against Count Carlyle, who marked the Unicorn Duchy an enemy. Godric comes to another task, where he needs to evade the guards. Unlike the previous, the guards are incorrectly passing, so Godric needs to take every precaution and chance to pass he can get. When he passes them, he wonders why is his family branded as enemy.

In the next block, nobody fights him and he approaches a guard that does not remember the combination to the Sleeping Stag inn, but has a rhyme that helps to remember. Godric has to approach the bouncer and prove he should get in the inn. He has to face the soldiers and hit the shields in the right pattern. The pattern is just like the song of the soldier - blue, then green and finally red. If Godric's troops hit wrongly, they need to hit the shields once more. When he does that, the bouncers lets him in the inn. Inside, Godric speaks with Rolly and another knight comes. The knight, Sir Varkas, is glad to see Godric and tells him Anwen rescued him.

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