Secret Portal is a quest in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Since Markal and Fiona have the urn, Fiona would like to go to the portal the wizards spoke of. They need to go to north, then east of the graveyard. They spot that the rock was an illusion, as a titan is the reality. After the titan is defeated, they need to head into the crypt. In the crypt, the demons come from the portal and are surprised by a power of a human boy.

Right of the passage are some rubies. Fiona needs to attack Scarr and Rarr. After they are fought over, Fiona witnesses more demons emerge, among them is a human she almost recognizes. Markal and Fiona go away as the demons fight each other. Markal sees the sky and tells they need to hurry to complete the Death Cult Ritual.

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