The Second War of Enrothian Succession was fought on the continent of Enroth around 1151-1154 After the Silence. King Ironfist passed away after 25 years on the throne, and the Royal Seer was given the task of choosing which of his two sons would inherit the crown: Archibald or Roland. Archibald had the seer killed, then assassinated the man's next three successors, and accused Roland of the murders. Roland had to flee from the castle, and Archibald managed to bribe and threaten the next seer into declaring him king. Realizing that some of the nobles still sided with Roland, or were trying to stay neutral in the conflict, Archibald sent his general Lord Corlagon to subjugate the nobles and make him the undisputed ruler.

In his exile, Roland gathered what support he could, and with the aid of a brilliant strategist known as the Commander, and the valiant Lord Haart, he raised an army to fight his brother. After aiding the dwarves from Archibald's forces and earning their support, he helped the sorceresses of Noraston against the necromancer Wyrm's undead hordes.

Finally, Roland brought his forces against his brother and defeated him in combat. The court wizard turned Archibald to stone, to remain a statue until future generations took pity on him.

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