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The Sea of Mist is a supernatural fog that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It is a magic mist that flows between worlds, overlapping them for brief flickers of time. It is usually white, but turns green when it travels.


According to Xarfax, an ancient god known as The Old One was once driven insane by a dark spell from an unknown foe. In his weakened state, the other gods killed him, then broke his bones and rended his flesh to wipe him from the memory of the world.

Some time later, the powers of Light and Darkness fought each other over dominion of the world's lands and creatures, each trying to claim so much that they eventually shattered the one true world into hundreds of thousands of others. Even in his dead and broken state, The Old One knew he didn't want this to happen, so he turned himself into a fog that would drift from world to world, providing a bridge from one place to another as it tried to pull all the worlds back into one again. This was how the Sea of Mist was created.

The pirates[]

One day, a group of pirates headed into the Mist while fleeing from their enemies. After discovering the Mist's ability to travel between worlds, they decided to use it as a base while they conducted raids. As their crewmen were sometimes slain, and it was hard to find new recruits, their numbers slowly began to dwindle. A small group of necromancers among them decided to take matters in their own hands, and raised their dead shipmates as zombies.

After this, the pirates would bring back their fallen enemies after raids, to be raised and join their undead crew. The pirates also took their victims' ships, tying them to the original ones and creating a vast flotilla known as the Demero. During Praz-El's time, Sendark was the Demero's current captain.

The Sea of Mist by Mel Odom
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