The sea monster is a fourth-level creature, connected to the Stronghold in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It cannot be aquired in-game, only added in the Scenario Editor.

Beware these legendary creatures of the deep! Sea monsters have a chance of devouring any opponent they attack. They are also immune to the Charm and Diplomacy skills.OffBck


The Sea Monster is the larger, rarer sea-based creature in Heroes IV, far more powerful than the Mermaid. It is one of the strongest creatures in the game, and a grave danger to anyone on the seas.

The Devouring ability gives it a chance to instantly kill a creature in any stack it attacks, which is devastating for the player facing them with some of the more expensive fourth-level stacks, or heroes - losing a black dragon or high-level hero to a Sea Monster can be a big problem.

The best way to fight it is using spells, or ranged attacks, and slowing it down to keep away from its teeth as long as possible.

Abilities Edit


This creature's Devouring ability gives it a chance of swallowing an enemy whole when it attacks.

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