Scimmilon is a character that is mentioned in the official strategy guide for Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was a Supply Commander in the Legion of the Fallen.

Biography Edit

Necros asked his Supply Commander to relocate the Legion's supply lines. Scimmilon was unsure of which route would be safest, but then had a dream where he was captured by a band of ogres. The ogres kept him tied up at the entrance of a remote cave for two days. Scimmilon then had a dream within the dream, where a small band of creatures arrived to free him. Scimmilon awoke in his own bunk, and started to search for the cave.

Some ogre scouts led him to a well-hidden cave entrance on the edge of Duskwood, and he discovered the grubs and their Warren Queen. While initially hostile, the Warren Queen was neutral to the Legion's cause, and allowed them to transport supplies through her kingdom - for a small fee.

Scimmilon drew up detailed plans for an underground supply line, then sent them to Necros for approval.