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The Sceptre of Order is an artifact in King's Bounty. It belonged to King Maximus, ruler of the Four Continents, and he used its power to defeat his enemies and keep chaos out of his domain. The sceptre was stolen by the dragon Arech Dragonbreath, who hoped to dethrone Maximus.

Without the sceptre, the forces of evil began to invade the Four Continents, and Maximus himself was dying. To save the nation, he asked a mighty hero to find the sceptre and bring it back - with its power, the king could drive back their enemies.

Finding the sceptre is the goal of the game - once it's been located, the player is victorious. This is accomplished by finding the 25 map fragments scattered around the world, then following them to its location, similarly to how one finds the ultimate artifact, grail, or Tear of Asha by following obelisks or oracles in the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

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