Scatha is a playable Necropolis hero appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Scatha left the kingdom of Tuidhana at the age of twenty-four to study the way of the sword in the Seven Cities, at the invitation of the Mageblade Deras Ban, one of the greatest weapon-masters in Ashan. She was a brilliant student, and continued to be so until her queen was attacked by the Holy Falcon Empire. At this point, Deras Ban, extremely fond of his prized student, sent her into hiding in his native city, Al-Betyl, fearing that the High Mages of the Seven Cities would side with Emperor Liam, and that she would be imprisoned as a sign of "good faith". While hiding in a luxurious cellar, Scatha became acquainted with the Cult of the Spider Goddess. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding her conversion, but she stands devout and trusted by both the Mother Namtaru and the Necromancer Sveltana.OffBck


Scatha is a Might hero of the Necropolis faction, and as such, is an Ebon Knight at default. While her Dynasty character is a Death Knight, the player may develop her however they choose when using her in a game. Her specialization, Blade Master, increases the damage of heroic strikes by 10%.


Scatha appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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