FANDOM was a site created by several Heroes of Might and Magic fansites that wanted to postpone the release of Heroes of Might and Magic V in order to give the developers time to finish the game. Unhappy with the state of the beta that had been released, the fans feared that a bad or bug-filled game could kill the franchise.

Their mission statement was "To force Ubisoft to allow more time to Nival so that Heroes 5 is released fully, and not in a half-baked manner." The fans pointed out the problems that plagued Heroes of Might and Magic IV upon release, and stated that "If Heroes 5 bombs like Heroes 4 did, then Heroes of Might and Magic is dead."

The fansites involved also pledged not to provide any information about the game until their demands had been met, stating that "following this announcement, no news or updates will be posted on our web sites. Additionally, Heroes of Might and Magic 5 information will be removed from our web sites."[1].

The sites were Age of Heroes, Celestial Heavens, The Genie's Lamp, The Oracle League, Guardian's Grove, Torre de Marfil, Archangel Castle, Acidcave, Drachenwald, Heroescorner, Heroic Corner, and Jaskinia Behemota[2].

A few days later, Ubisoft agreed to their demands, stating that "The decision has now been taken to delay the release, in order to polish the game, and increase the quality as much as possible.".

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