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Sapphire Ooze - MM VII
Hit Points: 86
Armor Class: 10
Special attack: Break armor
Damage: 3D6
Movement limit: Free
Speed: 140
Attack Speed: 100
AI type: Suicidal
Primary attack: Water
Spells: Level 1 expert toxic cloud (10%)
Level: 18
Experience: 504
Treasure: 5% chance for a level 3 item
Fire: 0
Air: 0
Water: 0
Earth: 0
Mind: Immune
Spirit: Immune
Body: Immune
Light: 0
Dark: 0
Physical: Immune

The sapphire ooze is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. It is stronger than the emerald ooze, but weaker than the bloodstone ooze.

Sapphire oozes can be encountered in Red Dwarf Mines and White Cliff Caves. Their attack does 3D6 water damage and can break their target's armor, and they have a 10% chance of using the toxic cloud spell. They are immune to mind, spirit, body, and physical damage.

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