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Sandro is a character that appears in Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen as a quest giver and possible boss fight. He is a lich that resides in Necropolis.

According to Sandro's own story, he was originally a sorcerer who resided on the opposite side of the world (the setting of Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen). He wanted to cheat death through a necromantic ritual which involved casting out his heart. Although the ritual was successful, Sandro grew unhappy with his undead state, as he was compelled to attack the living - indeed, he is compelled to attack the adventurers as he finishes his story. Nonetheless, he asks the adventurers to bring his heart back to him so that he may end his unlife. Afterwards, the adventurers are able to retrieve the Golden Griffin Statuette that is kept nearby. He also gives the adventurers the key to the Dungeon of Death, his former residence on the other side of the world.

Until Sandro's heart is returned to him, he will attack the adventurers whenever they talk to him. Each time Sandro is defeated, he drops 100 gems.

Sandro's enemy sprite was used as the basis for his Enrothian counterpart's portrait, by essentially just recoloring and throwing him into a robe.

Gameplay Edit

Icon-MM5 Sandro Icon-MM5
Sandro MM5
Hit Points: 1,000
Armor Class: 20
Special attack: Kill
Shooter: Yes
# of Attacks: 1
Damage: 10D10
Fly: Yes
Speed: 75
Primary attack: Magic
Experience: 200,000
Treasure: 100 gems
Treasure level: 7
Magic: 90
Fire: 0
Physical: 80
Electric: 0
Cold: 0
Poison: 0
Energy: 0

Sandro's ranged attack deals 10D10 magic damage and can strike all members of the party. He can instantly slay his targets and is highly resistant to magic and physical damage.

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