"Sandor, forced into exile..."
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Sandor Griffin is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and a character in Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VIEdit

Born a bastard, raised a bastard. Sandor is the illegitimate child of Duke Slava and his mistress, Elisabeth, and has always felt as much. Although he is too proud to show his hurt, the principle emotion that rules his life is a deep-seated feeling of rejection. Despite inheriting his father’s sense of justice and loyalty, and his mother’s fearless intensity, he never really found his place in the Griffin Duchy and grew up a troublemaker. He found solace in the company of the Orc Kraal, master-of-arms of House Griffin, and his half-sister, Irina, in whom he sees a kindred spirit if not more. When Irina is married off to the wicked Duke of the Wolf Duchy, Sandor, livid at his father’s complicity in the union, decides to leave the Holy Empire to forge his own destiny in Kraal’s homeland across the Jade Ocean. First, though, he will pay his sister one last visit...OffBck

Born of Slava and his mistress, Elisabeth, a baroness in the Greyhound Duchy, Sandor grew up as a perpetual shadow hanging over the ducal court. While he inherited his father's rough strength and his mother's intensity, Sandor's circumstances of birth prevented him from hoping for any sort of respectable position or role in the Duchy, as the Emperor Liam never accepted him as a legitimate heir to the Griffin Duchy. Despite this, Slava always recognized him as his son, regardless of what others in the court see him. Sandor also had a healthy relationship with Cate, Slava's legitimate wife.

Sandor found an outlet for his frustration and anger alongside the Orc, Kraal, Slava’s master-of-arms and the chief of the Whitespear Tribe. Never considering Sandor anything less than his son, Slava raised him as a shadow right hand, able to do the things that Anton, his younger half-brother, could not do politically or for reasons of ethics.

For his part during his childhood with his half-siblings, Sandor had tired of needling Anton, who was always serious, and teasing Anastasya and Kiril, who were too young to be any fun, so he ended up befriending Irina and spending most of his time with her. The two of them became inseparable, crossing swords, knives and axes with Kraal, something Irina really enjoyed.

However, when Irina was married to Gerhart, the despised Duke of the neighboring Wolf Duchy, for reasons to end the rivalry between the two duchies, as advised by the angel Uriel. Sandor had hard words with his father over that and decided that the Griffin duchy was too small to fit himself, his father, and the rest of his siblings. Yet as his sister was sold off to Gerhart, Slava was murdered by Anastasya, Sandor's youngest half-sibling. With nothing else to to keep him in the Griffin Duchy, Sandor decided to rescue Irina from the Wolf.

Sandor enlisted Kraal’s help to rescue Irina from Gerhart’s clutches, an incident that made him an outlaw in the Holy Falcon Empire. After rescuing Irina he transported her to the Naga island of Hashima, where he hoped she would be safe, instead she found the means to claim her revenge against Gerhart. With no where else to go, Sandor rebuilt his life among the Orcs of the Pao Islands, eventually rising to the position of warchief and earning from the Orcs the nickname Kunyakti, “small Kunyak”, which is high praise indeed. Under his leadership, he lead the Orcs and his fellow barbarians against the Demons during the Second Eclipse, but the demons where attacking in overwhelming numbers that Sandor had to find a way to banish the demons. He found a solution with a powerful artifact, a Tear of Asha. However, to make such a relic Sandor had to find 5000 dragon blood crystals, succeeding in doing so, he used its vast powers he banished the demons back to their prison world of Sheogh, saving the barbarian and orc tribes. Now Sandor was hailed as a hero among the Orc's, thus accepting him and finding a place he felt that he belonged.

Deciding he was never made to be a Griffin, Sandor chose a new name for himself: Raven, and it is as Sandor the Raven that he was known in his last years. His descendants have all been great warriors in their own right, often fighting as mercenaries and Windswords in the Free Cities.

Sandor's latest descendant, Andras, would later aid Duke Ivan Griffin (after some advice from the orc, Kente), the descendant of Anton, in his struggle for the Haven throne of the Holy Empire against Duke Seamus, with the promise of the Griffin lands in return. When Ivan defeated Seamus and became emperor of the newly christened Holy Griffin Empire, he handed his former lands to Andras, as was agreed, and thus became the first Duke of the Raven Duchy.

Might and Magic XEdit

Sandor, warlord of the Pao Islands can be found in the tribal house (43,15) in the Desolate Wilds- He is a legend in strategic combat and well-known throughout the region.

He calls himself Sandor the Raven among the Orcs, since he thinks he cannot be a "Griffin".


Heroes VIEdit

Sandor leads the Orcs of Pao Islands as a Barbarian.


Stronghold CampaignEdit

Necropolis CampaignEdit

  • Towards the Within: Sandor offers a gift to Anastasya in her dream. Anastasya can accept that gift (Blood reputation added) or refuse it (Tears reputation added).

Sanctuary CampaignEdit

Might and Magic XEdit

Sandor can instruct party members to a grandmaster level of Warfare, after they have proven to skilled enough for his time.

Duel of ChampionsEdit

Main article: Sandor (card)

Sandor appears as a hero card. He is the leader of the Stronghold faction.


Sandor appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Might & Magic X: Legacy and in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

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