Saahir is a hero from Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


The Wizard Saahir is the younger brother of the notorious Emir turned Demon-worshipper, Malik. Saahir was good-natured but had always been more interested by his own research of the arcane lore, so when he discovered his brother's corruption, he felt responsible for not having seen it coming. He confronted Malik, hoping to bring him back to reason, but his brother was too far gone and did not hesitate stabbing him in the back, leaving him to rot in the burning desert. Saahir miraculously survived the ordeal, but he was changed forever. Now inhabited by a grim resolve, he joined the Spider Cult to become a champion of Order against his brother's Chaos.OffBck


Saahir is a Magic hero of the Necropolis faction, and as such, his default class is Necromancer. While his Dynasty character is listed as an Embalmer, he may be developed in whatever way the player chooses when used in a game. His specialization, Slow Master, increases the penalty to Movement by one and the penalty to Initiative by five.


Saahir appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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