Rysh on a fan-made map of Axeoth

Rysh is one of the continents of Axeoth, appearing in Might and Magic IX.

History Edit

Almost all of the continent was under the rule of the Ursanian Empire. But dark mage Verhoffin cast a mighty spell from his tower on the Isle of Ashes. The spell caused a Great Cataclysm that destroyed most of Rysh's landscape. It was one of two reasons (the second one being the murder of the emperor Trandis) why the Ursanian Empire pulled apart. After the Great Cataclysm new nations arose, like Beldonia, Framon, and Chedian.

Nations Edit

Chedian Edit

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Located on the east coast of Rysh, Chedian was divided into six clans; Drangheim, Sturmford, Guberland, Thjorgard, Frosgard, and Thronheim. When the lands were threatened by an invasion from the Barbarians of Beldonia, a group of adventurers was tasked with uniting the Jarls of all six nations and defending their homeland.

Beldonia Edit

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  • Founded: 25 B.C. by Jevar the Bastard
  • Capital City: Beldon
  • Current Ruler: Tamur Leng (the 11th direct descendant of Jevar the Bastard)

Framon Edit

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Mendossus Edit

Main article: Mendossus

Capital City: Ronenhall

The Ursanian Empire Edit

Main article: Ursanian Empire

The Ursanian Empire was a vast nation that covered the continent, but was greatly weakened by the magical catastrophe known as the Great Cataclysm. The nation fell a few years later, when Emperor Trandis was slain by his illegitimate son, Jevar the Bastard.

Appearance Edit

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