The town in-game

Rylos is the capital of Channon, and appears in the Last Man Standing scenario of the Heroes of Might and Magic IV expansion Winds of War.

LastManStanding image

Rylos under assault

The town of Rylos was located on the peak of Mt. Rylos, and was heavily fortified, with thick walls, multiple garrisons, and strong surrounding towns. The last obstacle for any would-be invader was Chandra, Guardian of Rylos, a powerful Crusader sworn to defend the town.

Rylos was considered incredibly strategically important, and it was belived that one who held the town, would rule Channon. The town finally fell under the attack of five eager conquerors - King Spazz Maticus of Orilios, Mongo the northern Barbarian, King Mysterio the Magnificent of Qassar, King Erutan Revol of Arbor'al, and Baron Von Tarkin of Korresan. The invaders fought each other as much as they fought Rylos, and it is unknown who ultimately emerged victorious.

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