Rutger is a Haven Knight hero found in Heroes of Might and Magic V. He is available for recruitment in taverns as well as he playing the role of one of the antagonists in the scenario Defiance.


Rutger was mostly known as a vagabond, free spirit, and traveler before the call to arms brought him into the ranks of the Griffin Empire's Wolf Duchy. Using the knowledge gained during his more carefree years, Rutger exploits every path, trail, and shortcut to speed his troops from battle to battle. The sooner he finishes the war, the sooner he can return to the roads that still seem to call his name.OffBck

Rutger was leader of Holy Falcon Empire troops on Farwind Island. Dark Elf princess Eruina asked him to help her and he agreed, but soon he broke his promise. Rutger sold Dark Elves to their old allies, Elves of Irollan and betrayed Eruina. Eruina was furious and defeated him.



Hero Trait
H5SpecPathfinder Pathfinder
Hero's movement points are increased by 1% per every two hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicLogistics Basic Logistics H5Pathfinding Pathfinding



  • Defiance: Eruina goes to war with him and takes his town.

The CultistEdit


  • Though he is seen in Defiance scenario, which takes place in 568 YSD, the time of the Holy Falcon Empire, his biography states he is of the Holy Griffin Empire. Holy Griffin Empire did not exist until 853 YSD - almost three centuries later.
  • Although Eruina stated her intention to kill Rutger for his betrayal, if he is fought there is no indicator he is killed, unlike Sinitar, whose death is shown in a cutscene.


Rutger appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


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