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Rust is a small village in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It is located in the Ironsand Desert region. The party must go here to complete the Find a witness to the lake of fire's formation quest.


Rust was a troll village in the Ironsand Desert. One day, a gateway appeared on the desert plain outside the village, and a great lake of fire appeared. Most of the inhabitants were slain instantly, and a lot of buildings burned down.

The only witness to the lake's formation was Overdune Snapfinger, a hunter who was on the hills near the village when the gate appeared.


  1. Parched Throat: Tavern.
  2. Guild Caravans: Stable.
Ironsand Desert Coach 75 gold
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Alvar Monday Wednesday
Shadowspire Wednesday Friday
Ravenshore Thursday Sunday
Ravenshore Saturday Tuesday
Shadowspire Sunday Tuesday




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