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Certain highly-skilled Rune Priests who undergo consecrating rites in the most secret halls of the Deepflame clan become Rune Patriarchs. Their searing attacks hit their enemies and start a blaze that affects neraby units.OffBck

The rune patriarch is the upgrade of the rune priest, the fifth-level creature of the Fortress in the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion, Hammers of Fate.

With its Cross Attack, the rune patriarch is able to damage more units in a single strike than the rune priest, and being Immune to Fire protects it from enemy spells and abilities.


  • Shooter - This creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance from target is longer than half the battle field, the target only suffers half of the damage. Shooters cannot use the range attack when blocked by enemy creatures. If there is no ammo cart in the army, the shots are limited to available ammo.OffBck
  • Mark of Fire - When attacking, this creature has a chance of damning the target, resulting in all Fire damage suffered by it being doubled within a certain period of time.OffBck
  • Immune to Fire - Fire Magic spells cannot harm this creature.OffBck
  • Cross Attack - The creature attack area has the shape of a cross.OffBck
  • Caster - This creature can use a set of magical spells similar to those cast by heroes. Mana reserve is limited but always set to maximum at the beginning of combat. Spellpower depends on the number of creatures (activated ability).OffBck

Spellbook: Deflect Missile, Firewall

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