The royal seer slain

The Royal Seer was the magician at the court of the Kingdom of Enroth. If a deceaded ruler had more than one heir, it was traditionally the seer's job to select which one would inherit the throne.

When King Morglin Ironfist passed away, the seer had to choose between his sons, Roland and Archibald Ironfist. Unwilling to risk losing to his brother, Archibald had the seer, as well as his successors, killed. The first royal seer died when a lightning bolt struck his ship. His successor Frederick fell out of a window, and the third seer, Robert, was slain by a dragon. The fourth seer, Johann, drank from a poisoned goblet.

Archibald then accused Roland of committing the murders and issued a proclamation against him. Fearing for his life, Roland fled, allowing Archibald to bribe and threaten the next royal seer into declaring him king. This led to the Second War of Enrothian Succession.

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