Rosalie is a playable Haven hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, and a character in Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VI Edit

Discovered in a rose bush in front of a church of Elrath, Rosalie was raised by the Vestals of the Greyhound Duchy. In spite of her natural talents regarding all things spiritual, she was a rebellious child who often went missing. Having run away from her foster parents a dozen times in her early years, she claimed that she had caught the scent of her mother and went after it. After years of fruitless searching and a near brush with death, Rosalie settled down sufficiently enough to finish her training and receive her priestly robes. She continually searches for clues that might lead her to her real parents, and has become an expert on maps, lore and impossible investigations. Her counsel is often sought when someone or something has gone missing.OffBck

Might and Magic X Edit

Rosalie can be found in the The Chapel of Elrath in Sorpigal by the Sea. She accompanines the raiders on bandit hunting raid. Later during the game the raiders tell her that her father was duke Montbard, the previous governer of Agyn Peninsula


Heroes VI Edit

Rosalie is a Cleric.

Might and Magic X Edit

Rosalie needs the help of some combat proven raiders and accompany them during the mission. After that she will stay in the The Chapel of Elrath. She is an orphan raised by the church, they named her Rosalie after the rosebush she was found in.

She is an a keen observer and able to detect enemies and secrets in her vicinity.

In Falcon and Unicorn addition Rosalie helps heroes to defeat Oswin Unicorn. They exile him, and she gets married on Lord Kilburn, Oswin's cousin and heir of Unicorn family. Rosalie becomes Duchess of the Unicorn Duchy.


Rosalie appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. and she can be seen in Might & Magic X: Legacy aswell, where she aids a group of advanturers in small town Sorpigal by the Sea, on the Agyn Peninsula.

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