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King Roland Ironfist is a major character in the Heroes of Might and Magic series, first introduced as the protagonist of Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. As one of Morglin Ironfist's two sons, he was the brother of Archibald Ironfist, and succeeded his brother in the lengthy conflict known as the Succession Wars. Following his brief ten-year rule over the kingdom, he played an active role during the wars in Antagarich to purge the Kreegans from Enroth.


As a young man Roland was far too trusting of other people. While his brother, Archibald, plotted and killed several seers, Roland did not believe these deaths could be anything but accidents. Betrayed by his brother, who accused Roland of killing the seers, he was forced to flee in order to escape imprisonment. Mustering together loyal followers, the beloved Roland led a revolution against his brother. Roland won the war. Archibald became a stone statue and was placed in the Library.

Following the Succession Wars, Roland received an offer from King Gryphonheart of Erathia to marry his daughter, Catherine. Impressed by her beauty and incredible skill as a warrior and leader, he accepted. They soon wed and happiness became his. Not until the birth of his son, Nicolai was this happiness topped. For Roland, life had become perfect.

For ten years all was peaceful until the appearance of Devils on the Enrothian border, and Roland was forced to drive their presence from the land. Taking a company of well-trained men he attempted, and failed, to drive the Devils out. Instead, he was captured and transported to Erathia. Roland was not freed until seven years later when a group of adventurers came to his aid. He then rejoined his wife and son for a brief reunion.

Heroes VI Edit

Good, kindly, and honourable, Roland is one of the two sons of King Morglin Ironfist. After Morglin's passing, Archibald seized the throne, accusing Roland of murdering the royal seers. Forced to flee the court, Roland is now gathering his supporters, determined to fight his evil brother for the crown.OffBck




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