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Rocklin is the King of the Dwarves on the continent of Enroth. He appears in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.


Heroes II[]

During the Second War of Enrothian Succession, Archibald's warlocks attacked a dwarven village, slaughtering every last man, woman, and child in their quest for dwarven gold. Finding none, they pressed their attack against the rest of the dwarven holdings. Roland's general decides to aid the dwarves.

After Roland's forces defeated Archibald's warlocks, Rocklin sent a messenger to convey his undying gratitude for Roland's assistance against the warlocks. In return for their aid, Rocklin promised Roland the unconditional support of the dwarves for as long as Roland's general served him. Rocklin sent his troops to the Carator Mountains, under the command of Roland's general, in anticipation of move against Archibald.

Might and Magic VI[]

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When Roland first encountered the kreegans, he wrote a letter to his wife Catherine, asking her to bring an army of 25,000 men to crush the threat of the devils. He also asked her to contact Rocklin and inform him of the situation, so that he could come to their aid. He was confident that Rocklin would help him, since Roland had aided him against Archibald.

Roland gave the letter to his advisor Sulman and told him to find a suitable messenger, but Sulman was secretly working for the Church of Baa. The letters never arrived, and Roland was taken prisoner by the kreegans.

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