The Restoration Wars was a major war in Antagarich in the 1160s AS. The conflict began with the murder of Nicolas Gryphonheart, followed by an invasion of the forces of Deyja, Eeofol, and Nighon into Erathia, AvLee, and Bracada. Seeing an opportunity to expand their own borders, the rulers of Krewlod and Tatalia also sent their armies forth. Near the end of the war, Archibald Ironfist secretly orchestrated a rebellion in the Contested Lands

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The war ended with victory for Erathia, Enroth, AvLee, Bracada, and the rogue Deyjan necromancers, and the pre-war borders of Erathia were restored. Archibald Ironfist became King of Deyja, and Lord Haart was reanimated by the surviving members of his necromantic cult. The Contested Lands successfully established their own nation, when unbeknownst them their war for independence was orchestrated by Archibald Ironfist.

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