Reset all of the Dragon Towers is a promotion quest in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Completing this quest will promote all Battle Mages in the party to Warrior Mage, giving them one extra hit point and one extra spell point per level.

Now that he has the keys, Lord Stromgard is certain the Dragon Towers can be re-set to only shoot down dragons (and not Air Mages using the Fly spell), and tasks the party with doing so. Once it's done, he will promote all the Battle Mages in the party to Warrior Mage.


ArcherMaster archerFire archer


The only cities with Dragon Towers are the ones that are available with Town Portal. So, if you have this spell available at Master level, this quest is a snap. Even if not, all the towns are available by coach (or ship, in the case of Mist). Here is the complete list:

Just click on the keyhole in each tower until the light lights up and then return to Erik von Stromgard at Castle Stromgard for your reward and promotion.

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