The Renegades are a race of elves on Enroth. They were originally part of the Pure-blood elves of Vori, but later moved to mainland Antagarich, where most of them settled in AvLee.

History Edit

King Sil-Gandir ruled Vori prosperously for centuries, but near the end of his reign, some of the younger elves became restless. Wishing for more excitement, they petitioned the king to support an expedition across the sea, but the king told them that their lives were too valuable to waste on such a journey. Undeterred, the young elves then began to build a boat, which was named "Mitetiiro" - Renegade.

When the king learned about this, he brought their leader Elvólas to his court, and ordered him to cease his preparations and stop leading the young elves astray. Elvólas said the expedition would bring glory to them all, but Sil-Gandir told him to cancel the journey, under penalty of death.

Elvólas returned to the ship and told his friends what had happened, and he gave them a choice. Either they could give up their dreams, or they would have to leave before sunrise. They unanimously chose to leave, and packed all their belongings. When morning came, they were gone.[1].

The elves eventually reached mainland Antagarich, settling in the forests of AvLee.

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