Dragon Golem

A red dwarf on a dragon golem

Red dwarves are a special type of mysterious and violent dwarves that dwell in Axeoth, appearing in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

"They call him a Red Dwarf. Apparently, his people are a secretive lot who live deeper underground than all the other dwarves. They never ally themselves with anyone for long - which is why no one trusts them."
Eddwil, about Koelox

The red dwarves play a part in the Price of Peace campaign, offering to build dragon golems for King Gavin Magnus. The first mention is in the scenario The Servant, where Solmyr notices a "wide-shouldered dwarf with fiery red hair" in King Magnus' throne room. Solmyr is then sent to find the Black Dragon Graveyard, so that the red dwarves can use their bones to construct dragon golems.

The red dwarves are aggressive, rowdy, and quick to brawl, and after constructing fifty dragon golems for Gavin Magnus, their leader Koelox and another red dwarf had a disagreement that turned into a riot. They fought one another on dragon golems, destroying half the castle, and Koelox was killed.

To get more use out of his allies, Gavin Magnus sent Solmyr to aquire the Rainbow Crystal, so that he could hypnotize and control the red dwarves. Once the Crystal was in his possession, however, Gavin Magnus realized that he could bring everlasting peace to the world by taking away everyone's free will, leaving himself as the immortal and all-powerful king of the world. It is unknown what happened to the red dwarves after the Crystal was destroyed.

Red dwarves likely have their own language, as the halfling spy Eddwil told Solmyr that when the red dwarves were speaking to one another, "they speak in some language in can't understand".


Red Dwarf Mines Edit


Red Dwarf Mines

There is an adventure map structure called the Red Dwarf Mines where heroes can fight red dwarves to claim their resources. The text states that "The Red Dwarves ally themselves with no one, yet they tirelessly work mines such as this one to fund an unknown cause. This group is bound to have some treasure on hand." The red dwarves are represented in-game by regular dwarves, and the hero gains gold and ore if victorious.


Red Dwarf Treasury Edit


Red Dwarf Treasury

In the Wrath of Nature scenario of the Enough is Enough campaign in Winds of War, Erutan Revol finds a Red Dwarf Treasury when he heads underground. It is filled with treature chests, artifacts, and resources. The sign at the entrance reads: "Welcome to the Red Dwarf Treasury, if you are not a Red Dwarf, GET OUT! Have a nice day."

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