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The Reckoning is a cataclysmic event that resulted in the destruction of Enroth, the planet on which the first three Heroes of Might and Magic games take place. Caused by the clashing of the magical energies of the Sword of Frost, wielded by Kilgor the Barbarian Warlord, with Armageddon's Blade, wielded by Gelu the Ranger. The devastating spell unleashed by the two swords caused widespread vulcanism, earthquakes and altogether collapse of the planet's structure.

"To all things comes an end."

However, just when everything seemed lost, by a strange twist of fate magical portals began to open to a new world, and countless refugees managed to escape the destruction. Countless others, on the other hand, refused to pass through the portals, as was the case of many Barbarian tribes of Krewlod, which were at least as terrified of magic as they were of the Reckoning. Many of them died and their numbers were significantly dwindled in Axeoth, as the new world was known.

Part of the Elven Court and AvLee managed to escape, and in the new world they formed the nation of Aranorn; but the intrigues of the old world came with them too.

The humans of Erathia and Enroth escaped too, but were leaderless because Queen Catherine and King Roland had perished. But Lysander, Catherine's half-brother, appeared a short while after the turmoil had started.

The Immortals also survived: Gavin Magnus soon reappeared with visions of a new nation in mind, and accounts of the mythical Tarnum were also heard, especially among the new Barbarian communities.

But many new stories started in Axeoth. New heroes, new adventures, new nations even.

"And to all things comes a beginning."