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Ravenshore is a city in Jadame, in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer within a region of the same name.


Ravenshore is the largest city in Jadame, a port on the coast of the south sea, and the only city in the region. The Merchants' Guild has a presence here inside a secondary guild hall. Unlike Alvar, however, Ravenshore was not built by the Dark Elves, but has been a settlement since ancient times. Old King Thorne III, last emperor of the Amberly dynasty, which lasted from 342-621 R.E., still has a tenuous grip on the present from his dusty tomb: Just prior to the fall of his empire, he sealed his regalia up on the Vault of Time, to prevent it falling into enemy hands, and no one has been able to open the vault since. It's possible the solution might be found to have something to do with the obelisks he also erected throughout Jadame.


  1. Kessel's Kantina - Tavern
  2. The Dancing Ogre - Tavern
  3. The Adventurer's Inn -
  4. Caori's Curios - Magic shop
  5. Needful Things - Magic shop
  6. The Apothecary - Potions shop
  7. Keen Edge - weapons shop
  8. The Polished Shield - armor shop
  9. Vexation's Hexes - elemental guild
  10. Self Guild - self magic guild
  11. Sanctum - Temple with healing services
  12. The Gymnasium - Training center
  13. Guild of Bounty Hunters
  14. Steele's Vault - Bank
  15. Sea Transportation - Ships The Dauntless and Wind
  16. Overland transportation - Caravan Guild
The Dauntless - 100 gold
Destination Departs Arrives
Dagger Wound Islands Tuesday Sunday
Dagger Wound Islands Thursday Tuesday
Wind - 500 gold
Destination Departs Arrives
Ravage Roaming Monday Thursday
Shadowspire Wednesday Tuesday
Ravage Roaming Friday Tuesday
Ravenshore Coach - 50 gold
Destination Departs Arrives
Alvar Monday Wednesday
Shadowspire Thursday Saturday
Alvar Saturday Monday
Garrote Gorge Sunday Tuesday
The Arena Sunday Friday


Quest Givers[]




  • Treblid: Sells Tobersk pulp for 300 gold. Buys Tobersk fruit for 300 gold. Found in northwest Ravenshore. Cross the river and turn right - it's the house in the far corner. Always open.
  • Maddigan: Buys Dire Wolf pelts for 250 gold each from her home in northwest Ravenshore next to The Dancing Ogre. Always open.
  • Reaver: Buys naga hides for 500 gold each from his home on the east side of the town square between Kessel's Kantina and Steele's Vault. Always open.
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